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Who remembers....

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Was going through the various web pages, and organizing everything, in an effort to clean up the site a tad, and get it ready for this year's documentations of ya'll hooligans....

When I came across this page -

Am SO GLAD that Allan I came out of that wreck virtually unscathed. I wonder though, if I were to give our local LEO's the name of the drunk fugger who took us out, if ya'll could tell me if his slimey ass is still in jail?

OT, for a sec...all of the pictures and pages have been updated, though I still need to go through a few of them, and correct some java issues. Other than that, the site is prepped for our next outting...and I have fresh batteries, so let the ugly mug shots commence! :laughing
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Hey Boom Man I was not part of the group when this seems to have happened give me some background so I knows what I am looking at iffin ya dont mind.
Him and Allen were hit by a drunk driver. That's the aftermath. I wasn't around either. Started lurking shortly after Boom-dawg got the Silver Bullet
:confused my god what they hit you with a wrecking ball lol
That Chevy there was the old Boomer. She was a V6, 5 speed, and was tweaked to my likening. Damn I loved that truck! Not alot of folks could keep up with me, and alot of folks loved how she railed.

The story goes that Allan and I were out over at CJ's one night. My ex and I were almost split up, and Allan had nothing better to do, so we went riding up to Huntersville via Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road, to check a few things out.

On the way back, in a minor curve, a fella driving a small Dodge Neon decided to cross the double yellow, and come into my lane. Allan was wearing a seat belt, and I was not. I had enough time to tell Allan to hold on, and then I did manuevers that would have made Dale Senior proud of I kept the truck under control the whole way.

Ended up plowing over the TOP of the car, and upon impact back onto the tarmac, went into at least 2 360 degree skids, but never leaving the road. This is pretty good, considering how long the truck was. Upon coming to final stop, I was facing the same direction I had been traveling. I was fine, but Allan was a little banged up. After making sure that he was fine, I had to kick my door open, to get out.

I went down the road about 8/10ths a mile to where the drunk bastard in the neon came to rest. His airbags had deployed, and he was face first in them. The whole drivers side of the car was a waste. I had to pry the door open, at which point dude fell out of the car, and proceeded to try and puke on my shoes! :eek His first comment to me, I swear, was 'where in the hell did you come from!" At this point I was getting ready to deck him, but Allan held my arm back, and said it would not have been right...and to go back to the truck.

Upon the trip back to the truck, I saw parts of her lying all of the road, strewn everywhere. It was then that I noticed the damage to the axle, and everything else. The more I inspected her, the more I got pissed, and the more I wanted to go beat the shit out of the drunk, but Allan would not let me.

End of story, is that LEO's came and hauled the drunk away, Boomer was totalled, and for just a few more thousand that what she was worth, I was able to buy the Silver Bullet. Though I like the Bullet, she will never be what that Chevy was.

Again, many thanks to Kerry, who came out way after 0200 to come and get Allan and I, and then took me to the salvage yard the next day, so that I could strip her clean, and get everything ready for installation in the Bullet. :hail
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Pics of my favorite vehicles are here: Vehicles

They show the old Boomer in her hayday, and the Shadow that I had, and sold, to buy her.
Damn dude, I hate to think what would have happened to you and Alan if you would have been in something smaller. But thank god for Bowties :p
Bowties rock! :band
lol thats the first time that smiley would ever fit ....what trying to eventually use them all lol:laughing
sorry to hear about the crash I expected to hear a good fight story ..... too bad

I would be surprised if the guy was still in jail unless he was a habitual drunk felon. Something like 3 dwi's within 7 years or something qualifies a drunk for that category. Gil or Jason might be able to chime in and give better info though.

Here is a sight that might help:

If that does not work, e-mail me at work [email protected]

I have been off since Dec 17th :)laughing) and will be back to work on monday. :clap
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Thanks boss! Will go back and look at the old paperwork, and see if I can find the accident report, and punch in his name.
what the hell are you doing up & on the net at this time?

WTF? Why am I? :nanana
Hey Boomer get me the guys name and if you have a case # should be something 03cr000000 and i can look it up at work and find out what happened to the drunk. Too Bad it was a really nice truck.

Thanks again bud! :thumb
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