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Who want so hang out monday?

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I'm gonna be back in town for two days before I go to san diego, so who wants to hang out for a while on monday night. Let me know who, and where. I was thinking dinner somewhere, then drinks at someones house.

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How long you in Cali???

You going out for a class/training?

Have fun...should be some good weather....

You can always go the and rent you a SS and go riding... :D

Have fun....


PS- Need me to watch the Z while your gone?
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Sounds good to me. Weather says 60s on Monday! :eek
I'll be back Sunday night, and have all Monday off. I'll be up for some riding, hanging out, eating out, and a few beverages (when the ridin's done).
Have fun Ken...and remember, if you need someone to watch your bike...I have a garage! AND A BAD CASE OF THE JONES!!! Maybe that isn't such a good idea! LOL
I doubt you guys could hurt the DRZ too much with out breaking yourselves. Lord knows I've tried. I'll be out riding after work on Monday. work till 6 though!

Otherwise, figure everyone meet at waterside hooters at 7, unless you see me at the shop.

If I ride out there, my step dad has a DRZ similar to mine. Not motard, but I may take that out. Unlike Mark, no money to waste on sportbike rentals, at least not when I have my own.

See you guys tomarow.
Probably meet you at the shop before then. You think ya'll might have time to dyno the Mille? Trying out two different airboxes, trying to see which one gives that 1/4 horsepower more. HA! Plus, I've never had a bike dynoed before, and I'm bored.
I dunno, call up there around 10:30 and see. I'm not sure if jody's back tomarow or tuesday
It ain't no big thing if he ain't. Just something to do.
Gimme a call after 2pm if anyone wants to ride
Hey, it was good to see Wedge and J. Conrad again, and to meet NewB and his girl. Looking forward to doing some riding this weekend. Wedge, have fun Sandawg!
Sorry I missed it. Had a HUGE headache and Tom wanted to look at cars. :shrug
nice to meet you and yours to hatch... let me know whats up for the weekend riding status.. im always lookin to ride.. cya then.
I had fun last night, sorry about the damper in my mood, that's what happens when you have to deal with evil psycho Mom on a daily basis.:rolleyes

Look forward to seeing you guys again!
Hatchman said:
Plus, I've never had a bike dynoed before, and I'm bored.
Just had mine done during that shoot-out at the shop. Kinda scary for me to see my bike doing those rev's while sitting still!!!!!! And someone else in the drivers seat!!!!!
so whaddya make?
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