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Whos Doing What for New Years?

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Lets go guys and girls!!! whatcha yall doin for new years????? i need some ideas since im all alone in CA 3000 miles away from all de friends!!!!!
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Hey i might be in Cali for new years... You and your woman are more than welcome to tag along with me and Dan if you want... Might be a BIT of a different crowd then you are used to but we always have LOADS of fun... Not sure which group of friends we would be hanging with but if its the stunter guys I'm sure you 2 would have a good time...
I'll be at work:rant
thats great ken.... work hard buddy!!!!:redflip :crackup :crackup
where in cali r u gonna be?
Party at my place. All WERA racers, Coast Riders, Pensacola Riders, family, and friends with 350Z's are invited. All 350Z owners are required to take me for a ride, though. :)
Twinman said:
where in cali r u gonna be?
Northern Orange County... Fullerton area right near CSUF... Not for sure if we will be out there yet though... Plans keep flip flopping... :(
HAHA!!!!! tell ya what...if i ever make i down to ATL with the car?!?!? I guarentee ill take you for a ride!!!! ( but i think you better wear some diapers.... cuz i dont want shit all over my seats!!:biggrin ) i just recently got an intake for it, and i got a new exhaust for it in the mail today!!! after i out it on... ill send a video clip....

Twinman said:
( but i think you better wear some diapers.... cuz i dont want shit all over my seats!!:biggrin )
Yeah, right, bring it on, biatch!
so... u dont think i can make you shit ur pants huh???? what about a nice cup O' tea?? before the ride....... spiked with TURBO LAX!!!!!!!! then you will be wearing diapers for the next week BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!:nanana :nanana
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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