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Who's riding this saturday?

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Wanna meet at starbucks on nimmo again ? 11 am sound good?
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Sounds good. Maybe the rain won't be a factor, looks like around 30 percent right now.

11 at Nimmo Prkwy Starbucks it is.
I'll talk to Tom & hopefully we'll go too! :thumb
Tom's going fishing, so I'll have to be on my own.
How long do you guys usually ride for?
And do you go balls-out or take it a bit easier?
With the new bike and all the time off riding last year, I'm not out for any hair-on-fire riding quite yet. ;)
Probably ride for about 3 hours, at a medium pace.

No hair on fire or anything. In the winter, roads and tires are too cold to haul the booty. Plus I'm not really big on going to jail/losing my license and pulling bikes out of ditches.

If we pull out at 1130, should be back home by 3. Planning on taking the usual loop. Won't post it here to avoid the LEO's planning an ambush.
Count me in if the weather holds.
Anyone know how to do a no-rain dance? ;)

BTW, too bad Sunday's supposed to be rainy, forecast says temps of 66!!! :eek
Still no bike or word of when the part will be in....:(
john, you still got that z, right?
I'll be there.................................:D
Is the Starbucks near Sonic?
It's the starbucks right near tom and gingers house.
Lookin good

Oh yeah, lookin' good. Chance of rain down to 20, and temps up in the 60's both Sat. and Sun. Gonna be doing some riding this weekend.
Maybe Starbucks will actually have cream cheese to go with thier dry bagels this time!!!:p
jconrad58 said:
It's the starbucks right near tom and gingers house.
Which would be near the Sonic, right?
Yeah, its in the Walmart shopping center on Nimmo, between Upton and General Booth. The Startbucks is on the VERY end, on the General Booth/west side next to Blockbuster and Cold Stone. Yes, there is a Sonic in that shopping center, and a Chili's, Outback, and Wendy's (closer to Wendy's).

See you there!
GixxerJohn said:
hehe, you know your gonna have to let me ride that thing right? being the 'fighter fan that i am.......
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