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Why you should buy a Suomy motorcycle helmet?

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If you are someone who regularly reads news about motorcycle helmets, you probably know the name Suomy. This helmet brand is being preferred by a lot of riders because of its safety and affordability. It is the duration as well as the unique style that has brought the brand many awards.

The brand has various styles for you to choose from. Suomy continuously perfects their helmets and develop their products to the highest level of safety and comfort. This brand is absolutely worth the money. If you own a Suomy, you will definitely keep up with the trend.

Suomy Motorcycle helmets have some features that can not be found on its competitors.
Some professional racers have worn Suomy, and this has made the brand become trusted among regular to professional riders. The wild graphic is characteristic of Suomy, but it is advised to go for lids with additional protection such as the anti-fog scratch-resistant visor. The company also produces translucent helmets that roll excess water off, leaving you a clear visor to see the road clearly in low-visibility conditions.

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When you ride fast, the wind can e a bit noisy. That is why you should look for a helmet with ear protection. The Suomy Nomad Face Shield has all the features but is sold at a relatively cheap price of $60. This model features an impact resistance, anti-fog, and anti-scratch visor. If you are looking for high-end features such as lightweight, fiberglass shell and visor, then the Suomy Spec1r Poggiala will fit in. However, you will have to pay more for these features. The price of this lid is no less than $400. But it well worth your money.

What you will receive from Suomy motorcycle helmets are countless, but there are three things I can point out here which are safety, reasonable price, and comfort. Buying a Suomy is probably the greatest investment to your safety when you are on your motorcycle.

The vents is the thing I like most about Suomy helmets. They allow fresh air to get inside constantly and dry out sweat. With this feature, I don’t feel any discomfort during my ride. Suomy motorcycle helmets are sold widely both online and in local stores. But my advice is to buy it online because you will have a wider selection of styles and designs.

If you feel uncomfortable with your new helmet, you can return it to the dealer. Different designs are available so you will find it is very easy to buy one for you and another one for your passenger. The Suomy motorcycle helmets are designed for all types of riders, you will find it easy to ride to everywhere you want.

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Fabreeze only works for a day or two in my experiences. I've tried using dish soap/ liquid laundry soap mixed with water in a spray bottle and work it in. Seems to work longer.
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