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Win98SE error message?

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My DVD/CDR burning software gives me this message when I try to start it under Windows98SE.

"ASPI Manager not installed"

The software worked fine in the past. My software works fine if I boot into WinXP. So, I know it's not a hardware issue.

What is this and how do I get it back? :confused
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Download and install the adaptec aspi manager here:

Install by running the exe to extract the files to a directory, open an msdos prompt and goto the directory where the files are located and type "install X86" to install them...
You don't say what your burning software is. Adaptec EZ CD Creator was common in Win98 installations, so I'll assume that.The ASPI manager is a piece of software that acts as an interface/translator between the O/S and the CDROM drive. It was far more common with SCSI CD installations. The error might be coming from the imbedded ASPI in the burning software, or it might be expecting an external manager. Try reinstalling your CD burnier software and, if that doesn't work, go to their web site and see if they have a stand alone ASPI manager for intallation.
I'm running B's Gold Recorder 5 if that changes anything.
I did have Adeptec EZ CD at one point though....'sGoldFAQ.pdf#search='Gold Recorder 5'

Pay particular attention to section 1-3. Sctions 3-1 and 3-2 talk about the ASPI manager also.
That fixed it, thanks. :thumb
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