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wireless help please

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ok, i just bought a linksys wireless card for my laptop and the desktop. so i have the router and two cards. speed seems affected a little bit when browsing and such, but not much. when i try to view videos or download larger files, it TAKES FOREVER!!! i'm on a DSL connection that usually is pretty fast. anything i can do?

correction: i guess the "card" for the desktop isnt really a "card" it's the Linksys wireless-b 2.4 GHz usb wireless connector. little box with an antenna on it, hooked to the tower by USB cable.
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I have the same for my laptop (WPC11 v4). I have to put a finger on the card to get cable speeds. I contactedlinksys today and tey should be emailing me withing a day or 2. Try holding the card on your laptop and see if that works. BTW I prefer just running a cable from the router to the desktop. :D:D Also try changing to channel 1 or 11 since they are not overlapped by other 2.4ghz device frequencies.
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