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Work Is A Ghost Town....

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And I thought last week was bad.....there's even fewer people here this week.

Friday is a work day so I'll be back then and I'm guessing it's just going to be me, one or two other guys who are also out of personal time for this year and the security guard down stairs.

Monday and Tuesday we basically played Unreal Tournament for about 4-5 hours of the day. :clap
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Except my office is closed Friday :redflip

I am off friday though.. it IS a new year, so it counts towards NEXT year... yeeehaaa.. 4 day weekend. AND I get to leave at 3 today.

We are sitting here doing not a whole lot...

I wish I could play online games other than solitare, they have many things blocked here so I cant get active X controls and such...
Being one of a few people here isn't much fun, but the bike rides to work this week have been great with so little traffic on the road!!!
I rode to work as well.. awsome weather here... I pulled it right into the shop... haha
T minus 27 minutes and counting!
SD72GSXR said:
T minus 27 minutes and counting!
17 minutes to go here. :clap
Todays just a normal day here.. got a full house with an exception of a couple who took vacation time. (lucky bastards)
Not sure if we're getting off early or what..
Another day off. It's 37 outside and I'm trying to decide about riding or not. Having all this time off kinda sucks, to tell the truth. Everyone else works.

It's a ghost town now...Sure makes for a productive day
I took today off. I used my last sick day because they don't rollover. :mad It was going to be really slow so they only scheduled 1 shift.
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