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seems we got some weather above freezing and i gotta tire to wear down :D hope your not workin cuz Im not :nanana
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Too damn sick right now to move away from the couch. Hell I have been watching the 7 day 007 marathon on spyke tv so I dont have to worry about changing the channel:(
hahahahhaha I just saw some of that its around 8 had fun today and heard its gonna be nice out tm too :D
I'm in Raleigh, it was in the 60's here today and I'm leaving in about 6 hours for Florida. Have you heard from lance/debbie?
Shit that sun is beaming today! If I wasnt sick id ride out and get a couple chili dogs and see the new help at the store:eek

BTW Cody sorry to hear about the loss.
My condolences again to you and Debbie brah. Always sucks to have that kind of loss, but then right at the holidays makes it even worse. :(

As for the riding, you are a lucky turd! :laughing Mine is still getting some minor tweaks, and I have been without for almost a month. I'll be up there soon enough though, with the newest addtion to your family soon enough! :thumb

BTW...she is resting under my feet right now, SNORING! :lol
Boomer said:
My condolences again to you and Debbie brah. Always sucks to have that kind of loss, but then right at the holidays makes it even worse. :(
:confused Did I miss something?
grandmother passed on thanks to all for the support seems Im at peace with her now. After all death is just like the end of a movie you know its comming its just what you can make happen before the big fade out. She was a great woman and will be missed by the family.

yea :p I got to ride again and it was AWESOME! took me a few turns to get it all back but after that it was like old times, the concentration and having a great time. I also had to ride to work in 20 degree temps before sunday started and I found out ridin in the cold isnt so bad when your hooked :thumb so maybe you werent crazy (boomer and TL)...........well after the pics no way I can justify that :nanana:laughing
I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you seem to be doing well.

Hey man, sorry to hear about the grandmother.. That sucks, but, it is something that we all have to deal with at some point. Cody, i'm proud of ya bro, we all give you crap every now and then but you've turned out to be one heck of a kid :thumb

I guess it's back to picking you up at school next week huh? :)

sorry, i wasn't able to get you the last day before christmas, I was stuck in the bed with the Flu :shake
boomer dogs in the wow riding time forum what are we talkin about RIDING here:confused :confused :confused lmao:redflip
just messin brah couldnt resist:p
Yeah?! :redflip Just remember, you are grounded, and Lance said something about taking away your cable connection: :confused :lol
old people suck :( :nanana
....and youth has always been synonymous with ignorance!!:redflip :redflip

Great american pick on Cody day hath been proclaimed! :redflip :lol
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