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WSP Intrepid on the prowl..

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Careful on I405 just north of the 124th exit. The WSP dodge intrepid is on the prowl. I passed through there about 30 minutes ago and he had some riced out integra pulled over.

That sucker is stealthy, I would have blown by him w/out a second thought. :shake
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Method said:
I would have blown him w/out a second thought.
Nice to know, bro. :thumb
:shake :laughing :shake
I saw that thing too. Sort of a gold/beige color.
Got pulled over last night by that white stealthy Camaro, less than a block from my house, came out of nowhere. No ticket though.. :)

- Matt
Faster954 said:
I saw that thing too. Sort of a gold/beige color.
sand stone?
Taliban-sand color. :redflip
they also have a chrysler 300M.... saw that shit on I-5... .scary shit
I saw a greyish one in I-90 between 405 and issaquah on my way out of town on friday. they where also pacing cars with an airplane that morning
more cars I need store in my "cars to keep an eye out for because they might be those sneaky muther bastard cops" memory compartment.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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