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My nephew just 'has' to have a laptop.

Not looking to spend more than $1000, prefer sony, P4-2.8, 512 ram, 40+ hd, dvd/cd burner, etc in very good condition.

I've been watching laptops like mine on ebay and they are in his (grandparents) price range for this 'toy', but wanted to see what was local before buying.

Titanium Inside
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go to best buy and look at the open box specials... there are a lot this time of year. If you are willing to get an eMachines you can probably walk away with little pocket damage.

OR you could just talk to me about this when I get home :D

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Will race for food

I've got almost just that:
Windows XP
P4 2.8Mhz
512 RAM
DVD player
CD burner
32G HD

Used for only 6 months while on cruise, it has about 20 gigs of MP3's on it, basically my MP3 player.

Feel free to check it out, kick the tires, take it around the block for a spin, make me an offer I can't refuse, etc.

Brad, 757 581 4233
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