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Brand: Zero-60

Model: Assault textile jacket

MSRP: $120

I bought my jacket relatively early in the summer knowing that it was hot at the time and bound to get hotter here in the northeast.

The jacket fit me better than the Joe Rocket textile line and the First Gear textile jackets available at the shop I was at, so I chose the blue Assault jacket.

As you can tell, it is full textile and not a mesh jacket. There is soft armor in the back, shoulders, and tricep to high forearm region. There are 4 pockets accessible at any one time (5 total). 2 hip pockets, 1 left chest pocket, 1 inner left chest pocket on the thermal vest, and 1 inner left chest pocket on the jacket itself.

  • Fit me well (athletic cut jacket wearer) compared to other available brands (JR, First Gear)
  • Arm fit well proportioned to abdomen fit
  • Good range of adjustment in the wrist closures
  • Adjustable waist
  • Usable pockets, but not bulky when used

  • Male portion of zipper (left side very bottom) separated slightly from the jacket after about 10 uses, this now makes it hard to start zipping up with gloves on
  • Neck collar velcro rubs my adams apple when closed, top of closure should have the padding carried over the top to prevent chafing on long rides
  • Although the inner pocket on the jacket itself is good, the inner pocket on the vest sucks. It is impossible to close the pocket using one hand due to the vest moving around

Overall Impression: Good, but could be made better. Vents well at speed. The liner helps keep the chill away, but switch your short sleeve shirt for a long sleeve shirt underneath in the fall for added comfort. The zipper part kinda pissed me off, but since I plan on getting a Vanson perfed jacket over the winter, I probably won't wear it much next year anyway.

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