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zx-6 tank and fuel lines

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hey guys ive got a 91 kawasaki zx-6d and need to run the fuel lines from the tank to the carbs. the lines to the carbs are easy ive got a line run to each carb run to one line right now with some t-connectors, but my question is where do they conect to the tank. my tank has one port on the rear of the tank, like under the seat, but it also has a fuel shutoff valve with a port larger than the one on the rear of the tank as well as a smaller one on the valve.. do i run a line from the rear of the tank to the smaller port on the shutoff and then connect the carbs to the large port on the shutoff?? any help would be appreciated! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!!!
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The one on the very rear of the tank is the vent/overflow. If you look under your gas tank theres a tiny hole. If you spill gas there during a re-fill it just goes out that hole at the back.
That vent usually get's "T"-d into the overflow from the carbs.

On the petcock (the fuelshutoff) the big one is where the gas goes to the carbs and the little one is for a vacuum line from the carbs.

When you start the bike the vacuum sucks on the petcock, opening a valve and allowing fuel to start flowing.
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